K&T Meat Market and Grocery in Ville Platte

I was working at the store when one of my fellow beer guy asked if I heard about Ms. Ann. She got shot in the face, he said. I couldn't believe it. But then again, I always was scared for her working by herself in that area. 

I used to have the Ville Platte route and delivered beer to Ms. Ann. She was so nice. Yes, like "Coach" said on KATC, she had a beautiful voice. She had a karaoke machine in her store and would sing with her family on the Internet while we delivered beer. She kept saying how she was tired here and was lonesome to go back with her family.  She would also say how she liked America, because America helped her people. She was Vietnamese.

Her boyfriend or husband also worked there when I was delivering. Me and my helper laughed a little one day because they were singing "Islands in the Stream."  But they were nice and cool so we didn't laugh hard. They had a hard time there. 

Her Man had shot and killed someone in the store one day several years back. I don't know the whole story so I can't say much about that. But her Man would say he would protect himself and Ms. Ann. He wasn't scared. 

They broke up or he left. Again, I don't know the whole story. That was a few years back and I would worry about her. Wasn't she scared to work there by herself?  She wasn't, she told me one day, it's not so bad. 

I heard different things. But something everyone says was the man that killed her was the father or grandfather of the 
man her Man shot and killed a few years ago.  Revenge?  He was caught on his way, many people say, to Houston.  

The whole thing is sad. There was no need for any of this to happen. God Bless you, Ms. Ann. You would give me a free Gatorade when you saw me sweating too much. And you always told me to be careful.