"Them Old Men Were Mean"

I asked about the right way of saying baton plombe and it's (flombay).  Or maybe it was "flambay."  Was talking fast and the talk turned to other peace makers.  Flapjacks filled with lead, brass knuckles and one of the best: a simple hammer.  He told me this man from L'Anse Grise was known for that. He would hit your head with the flat side of the hammer.  He was good at it because he never killed anyone.  Knocked out several, made many cry but all alive.  "Them old men were mean," he told me and laughed.  Now, this is coming from a man in his 70s.  Ville Platte, Vidrine, The Y, L'Anse Grise, Mamou and all other areas around there had their "turf."  

See this video because it's so similar from stories I've been told around here.
"Looking for Trouble," by David M. Brasseaux